Frequently Asked Questions

Although that is the basis of the business over the years PureWater+ has added a number of high quality health and alkaline products and is always looking to add more.

Pw+ believes that alkalinity over nine is higher than you generally need. The ideal body pH is 7.3. If the alkalinity is too high you can get an upset stomach and/or a headache. PW+ does not want its customers to suffer any discomfort.

The alkaline range of PW+ alkaline water is from the low 9’s to the mid 8’s.

Yes PW+ dispenses an ionic, organic mineral water inside the store.

No, that is a separate business and requires additional equipment and licensing. Because PW+ does not have to bear the additional costs of delivery it is able to offer very high quality purified water at an extremely affordable price.

Yes, you can get purified water from the window dispensing machine. It is operational 24/7.

PW+ is only closed on Wednesday.